Worker’s Compensation Fraud:
How Small Businesses Can Fight Back

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Workers’ compensation fraud drives up the cost of workers’ compensation insurance, which in turn hurts your profitability. Learn what workers’ compensation fraud is and effective anti-fraud strategies to combat it so you can protect your business from expensive fraudulent workers’ compensation claims. This course is designed to give small business owners and their staff essention information on:
From the slides you will learn:

Learn how to avoid workers' comp fraud

  • Why workers’ compensation fraud is a serious crime
  • How to identify and detect workers’ compensation fraud in your workplace
  • When and how to report suspected workers’ compensation fraud
  • Insurance company requirements when implementing anti-fraud programs
  • Elements of an effective insurance company anti-fraud program
  • Proper use of surveillance to document workers’ compensation fraud
  • Direct impact of workers’ comp fraud on individual policyholders and the state rate-making system
  • How to deter workers’ compensation fraud in your workplace

Wed., May 25, 2011
12 PM ET (9 AM PT)

Ranney P. Pageler, VP, Fraud Investigations Department, 

Duration: 60 minutes

Who Should Take Note: Business owners; managers; human resources and legal staff; other employees interested in learning about worker's compensation fraud and scams.

Speaker: During the past 19 years, Mr. Pageler's anti-fraud program resulted in more than 600 criminal prosecutions for workers' compensation insurance fraud related crimes in 23 states.

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