The Twitter Opportunity: Drive Interest and Build Support for Your Business

In less than six years, Twitter has become one of the most influential platforms in the world for news, business and political movements. With more than 140 million active users worldwide, Twitter brings you closer to your community and the issues and events you care about most. While Twitter is referred to as a “social” network, it’s more of an “interest” network. Who a user follows is often the best indicator of their interests — and helps you identify and reach your audience.

For marketers, an open, unfiltered platform like Twitter presents challenges and opportunities. Learn how to leverage the massive volume of activity and conversation on Twitter as an opportunity for your business. Build loyalty for your brand through authentic communication. Use Twitter’s new targeting capabilities and promoted products. Drive increased interest and sales now through direct, clear calls to action. Learn how to integrate Twitter across all of your marketing channels. Don’t be afraid. Engage.

Watch the recording above to learn how to use Twitter to grow your business!

Key Takeaways:

  • With 140MM+ users worldwide, Twitter has become a “must-engage” for businesses large and small.
  • Twitter brings users closer to the things they care about- who a user follows is an indicator of their interests.
  • Organizations can target users on Twitter based on their interests, & drive action (sales, marketing, event attendance) in real-time.
  • Loyal customers become your best marketers on Twitter. Engage them with authentic, creative and consistent content.
  • Twitter’s promoted products – combined with a strong organic strategy – allow you to reach your customers, drive mass awareness and achieve immediate results.

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Webinar Details

Sven Reigle

Recorded Wed., September 26
12 PM ET (9 AM PT)

About The Presenter:

Sven Reigle

Sven is an experienced digital media planner and strategist. He has extensive experience in the non-profit, government and association worlds. In Sven's current role at Twitter, he oversees Twitter-based advertising strategy across a wide breadth of DC-based clients. Previously, Sven was a digital connection planner with Crosby Marketing in Annapolis, MD. At Crosby, he worked extensively on major search engine marketing, social media, web development and online display programs for the Social Security Administration, Department of Health and Human Resources, Department of Education and Catholic Relief Services.

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