What is the Credit Card Settlement? Small Business Choices & Impact

Watch the recording above to learn how the credit card settlement affects your small business

Retailers, payment networks and major banks that issue credit cards have reached an agreement in court that provides a fair and reasonable solution that protects the benefits of electronic payments for all parties. As a small business owner you need to understand why the settlement matters to you, the overall value it provides and the practical implications at the point-of-sale.

Watch the presentation to learn Settlement 101. We will cover what the credit card settlement is, its related timeline and discuss your rights and responsibilities as it relates to interchange rates, group negotiation and surcharging.

You will also learn:

  • What is the credit card settlement?
  • Settlement Timeline
  • Surcharging Rights
  • Collective Negotiating
  • Financial Benefits
  • Business and Practical Implications
  • Practical Examples

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Pat Moran
About The Presenter:

Pat Moran

CEO of Randon Holdings LLC
Mr. Moran has a diverse perspective on the payments industry as he has worked for a major credit card company within their Interchange Strategy organization, developing business strategies to support new products and expansion of card acceptance. More recently, he was Senior Vice President of Product and Portfolio Management within the merchant business at Vantiv (formerly known as Fifth Third Processing Solutions). While at Vantiv, Mr. Moran worked with clients such as Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, and Dollar General on both product as well as interchange management issues.

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