Obamacare: What to Expect in 2013 and Preparing for 2014

With the 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections in the rear view mirror, small-business owners must begin to carefully plan for the impact Obamacare will have on their businesses. The majority of the new taxes, mandates, and administrative requirements begin in January of 2014. However, some major provisions take effect next year and still others that begin in 2014 will require careful planning in 2013.

This webinar provides instructions on how to prepare for the law. It also presents an update on the most recent regulations available and some outstanding questions that remain unanswered. Finally, the webinar presents an inventory and guide to resources NFIB has organized for members.

Watch the recording above to learn how your small business will be affected Obamacare and what you can do to prepare.

You will learn the answers to these questions:

  • Which small businesses will be affected by the employer mandate?
  • How do small businesses prepare for this requirement?
  • What is the difference between full-time, part-time, full-time equivalent, and seasonal employee? How do I determine whether an employee is a full-time employee? 
  • What new administrative functions will be required to comply for the law?
  • What is required for businesses above and below the 50-employee threshold?


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Webinar Details
Recorded Wed., December 12
12 PM ET (9 AM PT)
Duration: 1 hour, 30 mins (approx.)

Kevin Kuhlman

Kevin Kuhlman

Kevin Kuhlman is a Manager of Legislative Affairs at the National Federation of Independent Business focusing his advocacy efforts on healthcare issues with Members of Congress. Prior to his tenure at NFIB, Kevin handled healthcare, labor, education, and small business issues for Congressman Peter Roskam from the western suburbs of Chicago. He started his career on Capitol Hill working as support and research staff for the Committee on Ways and Means, serving under Chairman Bill Thomas, Ranking Member Jim McCrery and current Chairman Dave Camp.

Dr. Bob Graboyes

Dr. Bob Graboyes

Dr. Bob Graboyes is Senior Fellow for Health and Economics for the NFIB Research Foundation. He advises NFIB on healthcare policy and other issues. He was an economist at the University of Richmond (associate professor), the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond (regional analyst and economic education director), the Virginia Department of Taxation (revenue forecaster), and Chase Manhattan Bank (risk officer for Sub-Saharan Africa). Dr. Bob currently teaches healthcare professionals in master’s and doctoral programs at Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Virginia, George Mason University, and the George Washington University. He has headed the National Economists Club, the Richmond Association for Business Economics, and the Healthcare Roundtable of the National Association for Business Economics.

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