How to Reimagine Your Business and Reach Your Full Potential

There is a myth – we call it the entrepreneurial myth or “EMyth” – that says just because someone starts a business they are an entrepreneur and have the know-ledge and know-how to bring a product or service to the marketplace and create a company to support it.

The truth is many business owners start with a passion to work for themselves. It isn’t until they begin to juggle all of the operational “hats” to keep the business they realize they don’t know what they don’t know.

Let’s face it. There’s a lot to know about building and running a successful business.

That’s why EMyth exists. From the beginning we’ve made it our business to understand why so many businesses fail to live up to their potential or fail outright. From that understanding we developed the most comprehensive and pragmatic business development program based on our unique philosophy. From start-ups entering the marketplace to more mature enterprises needing to reinvent themselves, the EMyth approach works.

Learn how to turn your small business dream into the full thriving business it has the potential to become.
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Webinar Details

Wed., September 11
12 PM ET (9 AM PT)

Presenter: Neil Christiansen
Neil ChristiansenNeil Christiansen is CEO of Capital Financial Network and CEO of Evolve Coaching Group. As an owner of a mortgage company for over 12 years & a graduate of the EMyth Mastery Program, Neil knows the challenge of running a business and benefits of implementing EMyth into it. Drawing on these experiences, he is able to assist others who are on a journey to transform their businesses and subsequently their lives.

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