Cloud Computing for Small Business


Is cloud computing right for your small business? Is the competition already taking advantage of these services?

In the presentation you will learn about:

  • How cloud computing is a range of services and storage provided over the Internet.
  • Why cloud computing is becoming a popular solution for small businesses as they face financial and IT staffing constraints.
  • 8 ways your business could benefit from outsourcing your desktop to the cloud.
  • Essential questions small businesses must ask when vetting service providers.

8 Benefits of Cloud Computing

1: Accessibility and mobility -- remote access, teleworking, virtual office, environmentally friendly
2: Maintenance -- vendor handles updates. Employees not interrupted by IT upgrades, more productivity
3: Data recovery -- automatically back up your data in mulitple locations, easy data recovery, avoid disasters
4: Security. You wouldn't leave your money just sitting on your desk so why leave valuable business  data sitting in your unprotected computer?
5: Minimal IT staff. ArtQuest, a non-profit working with the arts, supports hundreds of staff with just one IT employee.
6: Costs. No capital expenditures on servers, no making space for hardware, no higher utilities for extra air conditioning and cooling. You can plan for established subscription fees rather than getting surprised by a server suddenly needing replacement.
7: Flexibility. Easy to change the number of users/accounts, add office locations quickly, and pay monthly not annually.
8: Compliance. Caps should have SAS 70 Type II cert (SSAE16 as of June 2011).

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