Alternative Funding Sources to Start or Grow Your Business

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 12pm ET (9am PT)
Presented by: Cliff Ennico, Attorney
Who should attend?  Business owners; tax and accounting staff
Free to members and non-members

Even in the best of times, it’s tough to find capital for a startup or growing small business.  In a tough economy, it’s even harder, but it can be done if you’re willing to be a little creative.  In this NFIB webinar, small business attorney and consultant Cliff Ennico will walk you through the capital raising process, with a focus on “nontraditional” sources of money.  Alternative Funding for Small BusinessTopics will include:  borrowing money from friends and family; the differences between loans and equity investments; where to find money; how to “pitch” your business to investors; what investors look for in a business plan; how to survive the “due diligence” process when investors are tearing apart your books and records; and of course alternative lending sources.

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Key Take-Aways:

  • Finding creative alternative financing sources.
  • How to borrow from friends and family members.
  • Should people lend you money, or buy shares in your company?
  • “Angel” investors and where to find them.
  • How to “pitch” your business to investors.
  • What investors look for in a business plan.
  • How to handle an investor’s “due diligence” investigation.

About The Presenter:

Cliff Ennico is a a nationally recognized authority and author on the legal problems of small business. An attorney by training, Cliff has worked with over 10,000 small businesses in his 30-year career, and currently practices law in his own practice in Fairfield, CT.

He is best known as the former host of the PBS TV series, MONEYHUNT, his weekly business advice column, Succeeding in Your Business, (, is syndicated nationally in dozens of major newspapers and websites.

Cliff is also the author of over 15 leading books on small business law and management, including

  • "Small Business Survival Guide"
  • "MoneyHunt: 27 New Rules for Growing a Breakaway Business"
  • "The eBay Seller’s Tax and Legal Answer Book"

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