Susan Collins – The Most Bipartisan Senator in America

In these challenging times, we need strong leaders in the Senate who know how to solve problems – leaders like Susan Collins. She was recently named the most bipartisan Senator in America, and is always willing to find common ground to help the American people.


When the pandemic hit, Collins wrote the bipartisan paycheck protection program, providing lifeline loans to small businesses. These small business loans have saved over 200,000 Maine jobs, and over 50 million American jobs! And she won’t quit fighting until our economy is back on track, and every Mainer is back at work. 

She is also a tax cutter, providing hardworking middle class families with $2,000 in tax relief. And she’s fighting to eliminate job-killing red tape to strengthen small businesses.

But she can’t keep fighting without your support.

A vote for Susan Collins on November 3 is a vote for small business, and our economy.



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