Greater Limits on Property Seizures

Date: October 20, 2015 Last Edit: February 08, 2016

NFIB Victories in Michigan!

NFIB backed legislation that would begin the reform process
for government seizures of private property were signed into law on October
20th by Governor Snyder. The bills passed both chambers with strong
bi-partisan support. The reform package includes new reporting provisions
to track “civil asset forfeiture” seizures and also raises the standard of
proof for seizing assets from a “preponderance of the evidence” to a “clear and
convincing” standard.

However, now NFIB members want to carry the reforms further in 2016. When asked on the 2016 State Ballot: “Should Michigan’s laws on Civil Asset Forfeiture be changed so that private property is seized only after a criminal conviction is secured?” 74 percent of NFIB small business members said “Yes”, 12 percent said “No” and 14 percent were “Undecided”.

NFIB is now moving forward to pursue the necessary changes in Michigan’s laws on Civil Asset Forfeiture.

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