JAFE Decorating in Greenville Celebrates 40 Years

Date: July 24, 2018

31 of those as a member of NFIB

JAFE Decorating got its start 40 years ago in the garage of the founder, Lloyd Williams. He utilized his 27 years of knowledge and passion for colored glass and branched out on his own. By using the initials of his four children, he came up with the name JAFE. The company has grown into an industry leader in decorating glassware of all types and sizes.

In the beginning, JAFE focused on their unique coating process where the glass was permanently stained in amber, red, and brown. At the time, JAFE was the only company in the country that commercially colored glass using a high temperature, commercial bonding process. As the company grew, they adopted newer processes to include painted glass to meet the demand of customers for a wider spectrum of colors. The lab at JAFE can now match and develop thousands of colors for their customers.

NFIB legislative director for Ohio Chris Ferruso with JAFE owner Randy O’Dell during the 40th Anniversary open house.

While the original owner is no longer with us, JAFE continues to be a family-owned business under the current owner, Randy O’Dell. Randy joined the company in 1998, by 2006 was running the company, and in 2010 purchased JAFE. They are now a 50,000 square foot facility in Greenville, Ohio that employs three state-of-the-art robotic spray lines. In the facility, they have the capability to formulate and apply a number of specialty coatings and colors on a number of surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, plastic, and ceramics.

Randy O’Dell, the President of JAFE Decorating, describes why the company is a member of NFIB, “We were looking for an organization that would stand up for small business and is able to go to bat for us on important issues and legislation.”

NFIB has helped JAFE Decorating stay informed about important political issues and legislation that could have a significant impact on the business.  As for O’Dell, he wanted to get personally involved in the fight for small business.  He currently serves as the Western Ohio Area Action Council Chair.  He says that it has given him the opportunity to work with NFIB and legislators to improve small businesses. For JAFE no order is too small, or too large. Business is currently so good that they sometimes run three 8-hour shifts, 7-day-a-week.

Proclamations presented to JAFE for their 40th Anniversary by fellow NFIB members Rep. Steve Huffman & Sen. Bill Beagle.

JAFE joined NFIB in 1987 and continues to value their membership still today after 31 years. O’Dell serves as the chair of the NFIB Western Ohio Area Action Council and hosts meetings in his conference room with elected officials like Congressman Warren Davidson.

O’Dell believes the best part of working in a small business every day is the people.  He told NFIB, “It has to be the people, as they are key to our success.  It has always been run like a family business as we are a close group.  We lost our founder on February 9, 2010.  It was a huge loss but we know he is still looking down on us as we continue to grow the company that he loved.” 

It continues to be a family business in 2018 as Randy’s son is now an active part of the day-to-day operations. To learn more about JAFE Decorating, visit www.jafedecorating.com.

JAFE offered tours of the plant during the 40th Anniversary.

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