Vetoes at the Wisconsin State Capitol

Date: April 20, 2022

A few of the vetoes are of interest to NFIB members

Governor Tony Evers has been busy reviewing the legislation approved during the final days of the 2021-22 Session of the Legislature.


Since January 2021, the Governor has signed into law 267 bills, and vetoed 126 bills – more than any Governor since 1928 when Governor Fred Zimmerman issued 90 vetoes.


A few of the vetoes of interest to NFIB members include:


  • Assembly Bill 912, the Small Business Fairness proposal that would have required all businesses be treated equally during an emergency declaration by the government.
  • Senate Bill 332 would have allowed small business owners to schedule later working hours for minors under limited circumstances.
  • Assembly Bill 883 would have added additional work search requirements to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, and would have also renamed the Unemployment Insurance Program the Division of Reemployment Assistance.
  • Assembly Bill 937 would have indexed the maximum number of weeks of unemployment benefits to the unemployment rate in Wisconsin.
  • Assembly Bill 938 would have expanded the definition of misconduct as it relates to eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits, protect the integrity of the UI Trust Fund, and improve the overall efficiencies of the administration of UI benefits.
  • Assembly Bill 939 would have created penalties for those who refuse or fail to show up for a job interview requested by an employer.
  • Senate Bill 125 would have created an individual income tax subtraction for tuition paid for apprenticeship programs.

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