106 Texas Legislative Candidates Earn Crucial Small Business Endorsement

Date: October 04, 2022

The NFIB Texas PAC today endorsed 106 candidates for seats in the Texas Legislature. The political action committee, comprised solely of NFIB members from throughout the state, endorsed 18 candidates running for state Senate and 88 candidates vying for seats in the state House of Representatives.

“Small businesses are critical to the Texas economy,” NFIB State Director Annie Spilman said. “Each of these candidates has either a solid record of supporting small businesses in the Texas Legislature or has shown our members that they’re committed to protecting this environment that enables local businesses to grow and create jobs.

“On behalf of our small business members throughout the state, I’m proud to announce these endorsements.”

Endorsed candidates
NFIB members are noted with an asterisk


District 1 Bryan Hughes
District 3 Robert Nichols
District 4 Brandon Creighton
District 5 Charles Schwertner
District 7 Paul Bettencourt
District 8 Angela Paxton
District 9 Kelly Hancock
District 10 Phil King
District 11 Mayes Middleton
District 12 Tan Parker
District 17 Joan Huffman
District 18 Lois Kolkhorst
District 22 Brian Birdwell
District 24 Pete Flores
District 25 Donna Campbell
District 27 Morgan LaMantia
District 28 Charles Perry*
District 30 Drew Springer*


District 01 Gary VanDeaver
District 03 Cecil Bell Jr.*
District 04 Keith Bell*
District 05 Cole Hefner*
District 06 Matt Schaefer
District 07 Jay Dean
District 08 Cody Harris
District 09 Trent Ashby
District 11 Travis Clardy
District 12 Kyle Kacal
District 13 Angelia Orr
District 14 John Raney*
District 15 Steve Toth
District 16 Will Metcalf
District 17 Stan Gerdes
District 18 Ernest Bailes
District 19 Ellen Troxclair
District 21 Dade Phelan
District 24 Greg Bonnen
District 25 Cody Vasut
District 26 Jacey Jetton
District 29 Ed Thompson*
District 30 Geanie Morrison
District 31 Ryan Guillen
District 32 Todd Hunter
District 33 Justin Holland
District 36 Sergio Munoz Jr.
District 37 Janie Lopez
District 39 Armando Martinez
District 40 Terry Canales
District 43 J.M. Lozano
District 44 John Kuempel
District 52 Caroline Harris
District 53 Andrew Murr
District 54 Brad Buckley
District 55 Hugh Shine
District 56 Charles “Doc” Anderson
District 58 DeWayne Burns
District 59 Shelby Slawson
District 60 Glenn Rogers
District 61 Frederick Frazier
District 62 Reggie Smith
District 63 Ben Bumgarner
District 64 Lynn Stucky
District 65 Kronda Thimesch*
District 66 Matt Shaheen
District 67 Jeff Leach
District 68 David Spiller
District 69 James Frank
District 70 Jamee Jolly
District 71 Stan Lambert
District 72 Drew Darby
District 73 Carrie Isaac
District 80 Tracy King
District 81 Brooks Landgraf
District 82 Tom Craddick
District 83 Dustin Burrows
District 85 Stan Kitzman
District 86 John Smithee
District 87 Four Price
District 88 Ken King*
District 89 Candy Noble
District 91 Stephanie Klick
District 92 Joe Livingston
District 93 Nate Schatzline
District 94 Tony Tinderholt
District 96 David Cook*
District 97 Craig Goldman
District 98 Giovanni Capriglione
District 99 Charlie Geren
District 106 Jared Patterson
District 108 Morgan Meyer
District 112 Angie Chen Button
District 113 Rhetta Bowers
District 115 Julie Johnson
District 118 John Lujan
District 121 Steve Allison
District 122 Mark Dorazio*
District 126 Sam Harless
District 128 Briscoe Cain
District 129 Dennis Paul
District 130 Tom Oliverson
District 132 Mike Schofield
District 133 Mano DeAyala
District 138 Lacey Hull
District 139 Jarvis Johnson
District 142 Harold Dutton Jr.
District 150 Valoree Swanson

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