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Date: January 06, 2016

NFIB/Oregon thanks the Salem Business Journal for giving small business regular space for the message from Main Street. Below are the links to the most recent and all past columns.

Small Business Readies for November, October 2014, Page 11

Kitzhaber’s Costly Climate Chimera, August 2014, Page 10

PERS for the Private Sector? July 2014, Page 10

A Great General Election Issue, June 2014, Page 10

Three Hurdles to Knowing Tax Reform, May 2014, Page 9

Without Sideboards, It’s a Smorgasbord, April 2014, Page 9

Anti-Small-Business Issues to Return, March 2014, Page 9

Of Two Different Minds on Oregon’s Economy, February 2014, Page 9

Where Is Oregon? January 2014, Page 9


How Would You Vote? December 2013, Page 9

Obamacare is for business, but not for Congress (September 2013 for Oregon Business magazine and for Statesman-Journal)

American Economy in Headlock. August 2013, Page 10

Let’s Remain One of the 49 States. July 2013, Page 10

Trust Us: We’ve Done it Wrong Before. June 2013 (pdf)

Release the Massage Therapists. May 2013, Page 21

Why Doesn’t NFIB Take a Stand on This Issue? April 2013, Page 6 

Minimum Wage is Never the Minimum. March 2013, Page 8 

Small Businesses’ 2013 Legislative Wish List. February 2013, Page 8 

We Should Be All Nikes Now. January 2013, Page 8


There’s Another Big Election Day In November. November 2012, Page 10

Measures 79, 84 All About Fairness. October 2012 (pdf)

Job Theft More Critical Than wage Theft. September 2012, Page 9

We Were Well Aware Of The Context. August 2012, Page 8

The Oregon Tax Men Knocking On Coffin Lids. July 2012, Page 9

No Copyright on Good Ideas. June 2012 (pdf)

The Uncertainty Of It All. May 2012, Page 9

A Legislative Record—Nothing Is Something To Cheer. April 2012, Page 9

Landmark Court Case Begins This Month. March 2012, Page 9

Now Is The Time To Do No Further Harm. February 2012, Page 9

Shopping Small Can Make A Big Difference! January 2012, Page 9


Key Economic Group Goes To The Polls. December 2011, Page 9

A Bend In The Road To Taxing Rich. November 2011, Page 9

Let’s Take One Bold Step On Economy First. October 2011, Page 9

Oregon And Obamacare In the Stretch Drive. September 2011, Page 9

Importance Of The Company You Keep. August 2011, Page 9

Are We Choking Our Golden Goose? July 2011, Page 9

Annual Noise of Nothingness May 16-20. May 2011, Page 20

Will Re-districting Awaken A Sleeping Giant? April 2011, Page 20

Another Legislature, Another Reminder Of Small Business. March 2011, Page 18



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Just days from now, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the arguments for and against eliminating ‘agency shop’ fees. Eliminating these fees could essentially make government union membership voluntary nationwide, significantly impacting their political power.

NFIB/Oregon State Director Anthony K. Smith

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