Western NY: NFIB/NY Speaks Out on $15/Hr. Minimum Wage & Paid Leave

Date: April 01, 2016 Last Edit: April 07, 2016

April 1, 2016

Small Biz Unhappy with Minimum Wage Hike
  Capital Tonight Interview on Time Warner Cable
Liz Benjamin

“It’s very difficult to accept the spin that this is a compromise.” 

March 30, 2016

NY Tax Break in Works for Couples Earning Less than $300,000 Buffalo News
Tom Precious

While lawmakers seem to have agreed on a middle-class tax break, which would benefit many small business owners who pay taxes through the PIT, NFIB/NY maintains that it’s not enough to offset a minimum wage increase and paid family leave. NFIB/NY pressed on in its call for lawmakers to reject any budget deal that included the proposals. 

“Business groups, not-for-profit organizations, hospitals and nursing homes are among just some of the groups on hand Wednesday trying to beat back or weaken the minimum wage plan. They focused their efforts, and lobbyists, in and around the Senate chamber. 

Mike Durant, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business, said that it is “becoming clear that the path Albany is taking will be disastrous for New York’s small employers.’’”

March 26, 2016

David Klepper

With a state budget required to be adopted by April 1, time is running out for lawmakers to reach a deal on minimum wage. NFIB/NY State Director Mike Durant rejects a compromise on the proposed $15/hr. wage. 

“Business groups concerned about the sharp increase, however, say they don’t want a compromise – they want the proposal to fail.

“We know the issue is on the 1-yard line,” said Mike Durant, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business. “Maybe this deal falls apart.””

March 24, 2016

NFIB/NY State Director Mike Durant urged the Senate to remove the minimum wage proposal from budget negotiations. Click to view Time Warner Cable News

Connections with Evan Dawson
 WXXI Radio
NFIB/NY State Director Mike Durant emphasized that a $15/hr. minimum wage will hurt small business and jobs during a panel on the impact of the wage hike. Listen

January 7, 2016

Opposing Another Minimum Wage Hike Capital Tonight Interview on Time Warner Cable

State Director Mike Durant joins host Liz Benjamin to discuss NFIB/NY’s 2016 Legislative Agenda including blocking a proposed minimum wage increase and several other labor related issues. 

January 6, 2016

What’s Coming in NY’s Legislative Session? Buffalo News

Tom Precious

NFIB/NY State Director Mike Durant calls tax cut plan combined with minimum wage increase a “failed triangulation attempt” that will result in a “massive net negative.” 

“Small and large businesses say such a large increase, even spread over five years, will kill jobs.
One business group called it a failed triangulation attempt by Cuomo more than a week before unveiling his 2016 budget.

“I think that when a business owner looks at their bottom line and does the math on what this tax cut means for them – and by the way that assumes they’ve survived another year in New York – and looks at over $15 billion that will come out of them from the minimum wage increase, they’re going to see a massive net negative,” said Michael Durant, New York State director of the National Federation of Independent Business.

Between the minimum wage plan and other ideas like a paid family leave program, “businesses are just going to shrug their shoulders and turn away. There’s not going to be rousing applause,” Durant said of the Cuomo business tax plan.”


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