Proponents Gathering Signatures for Ballot Question to Prevent TCI Fuel Tax Hike

Date: October 20, 2021


Massachusetts is the only state still fully committed to joining the once regional pact called the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI). The scheme calls for lowering transportation emissions by increasing the price of fuel for distributors and eventually those costs are passed to consumers. TCI also reduces the amount of fuel allowed into states in an attempt to transition more motorists to electric vehicles. The revenue generated from TCI will be divided among participating states and used for infrastructure projects like electric charging stations for electric vehicles.


To challenge TCI, a ballot was filed to stop its implementation in Massachusetts. Proponents of the question are currently gathering the necessary signatures to place the question on the ballot. TCI supporters are asking business owners to help collect signatures or potentially offer their location as a signature gathering site.


NFIB strongly opposed TCI because it was a new type of fuel tax. Depending on the aggressiveness of the carbon reduction goals, studies have shown TCI could mean an additional 5-38 cent per gallon of fuel. This will impact small businesses with employees that must travel into the workplace, businesses that ship or receive products, the construction industry, as well as services that travel to a job site. Virtually every business in the state will feel the effects of higher fuel prices.


If you are interested in helping gather signatures for the ballot question to stop TCI please visit:

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