Member Profile: Susan Goyer, Aabakus

Date: April 19, 2016 Last Edit: April 20, 2016

As a business catering to other small businesses, Goyer is familiar with the issues at stake.

Member Profile: Susan Goyer, Aabakus

Goyer is a small business owner whose company focuses on helping other small
businesses. Aabakus, Inc., located in Brentwood, Tenn., is a professional
employer organization that serves as a co-employer for small companies by
processing payroll and benefits and handling human resources. Aabakus, which
has been in operation for 31 years, was one of the pioneers of this industry.

one can only imagine, over the past 31 years, this business has become almost a
must-have for companies too small to have their own in-house HR department,”
Goyer says. “Laws and regulations pertaining to labor issues have increased to
a level that makes our services comparable to having a corporate attorney or
CPA. As I have said many times, the price for making a mistake in these areas
is just too great to attempt to do it yourself.”

all of her clients are small businesses, Goyer says she is keenly aware of the
issues that small business owners confront every day. One of the key problems
is the never-ending stream of new regulations.

regulations that roll in almost daily have become very burdensome and costly
for all companies,” she says. “And with these regulations are the extreme
efforts to stay out of the courtroom or the sight line of government agencies.
Every small business owner sees dollar signs whenever faced with new

fact, at an NFIB breakfast meeting with a state senator last year, Goyer spoke
up about this problem. In response to a question about what small businesses
wanted from him, she replied, “Stop the new legislation! We can’t keep up with

however, Goyer says Tennessee, and Nashville in particular, is a terrific place
to do business. The community is close-knit, but there are many newcomers that
bring diversity and lots of opportunities for everyone. And, she notes, the
beautiful weather—four true seasons, none of which are too severe for any
length of time—doesn’t hurt, either. 

community offered through NFIB/TN is a benefit to small business owners in the
state as well.

joined NFIB many years ago because I knew that we could do as a group what I
couldn’t afford to do on my own,” Goyer says. “With my membership, I feel
empowered and inclusive to fight the battles pertinent to every small business
owner. It is an organization that I highly recommend every day.”

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