Prepare Your Business for Hurricane Michael

Date: October 08, 2018

Hurricane Michael is forecast to make landfall on the Florida panhandle Wednesday. Impacts of the storm will begin to be felt across the entire panhandle area beginning Tuesday afternoon.

Be sure your business is prepared for Hurricane Michael. NFIB is working with the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) under Gov. Rick Scott, and we’re urging business owners to check out the many resources available through DEO and the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

Go to TODAY is a new website developed to provide all businesses easy access to critical information before, during and after a disaster. The website offers resources to keep your family and employees safe, and help you resume your business operations with as little interruption as possible.

Register your business today to access resources, begin your business disaster continuity plan and prepare your business for Hurricane Michael. More importantly, during the storm, monitor the site for regular situational reports from the state emergency operations center, as well as maintain awareness of major road closures, evacuation orders and curfews across the state, as they may affect your business.

More ways to prepare right now for Hurricane Michael:

  • Take photographs and videos of your assets. Store them online if possible or in waterproof and fireproof containers kept in a safe place.
  • Assess your emergency response plan. Determine your evacuation routes. Establish meeting places. Keep emergency phone numbers handy.
  • Develop a communications plan. Designate someone to serve as a contact person for your employees, customers, and vendors. Phone and email in your area may be down following a natural disaster, so ask an out-of-state friend, colleague or relative to serve as a post-disaster point of contact.
  • Backup your business records. Make copies of your any vital records and store them someplace safe. Use online backups for electronic data, and keep paper documents in a fireproof safety-deposit box.
  • Create a disaster kit. Put a flashlight, a portable radio, extra batteries, a phone charger, first-aid supplies, non-perishable food, bottled water, a basic tool kit, plastic sheeting and garbage bags in a bag or box someplace handy, in case of emergency. Encourage your employees to prepare disaster kits for themselves and their families.
  • Be sure you have adequate insurance. You need at least enough to rebuild your home and business. Review your policies to see what is — and isn’t — covered. Consider business interruption insurance, which helps cover operating costs during the post-disaster shutdown period.

We’re here for you at NFIB. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at 850-681-0416, or email us at

Bill Herrle
NFIB Florida Executive Director


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