GUEST EDITORIAL: House, Senate GOP Leadership Outline Pro-Business Jobs Package

Date: April 04, 2014

By JIM DURKIN, House Republican Leader
and CHRISTINE RADOGNO, Senate Republican Leader

Jobs and the economy are the number one issue on the minds
of families in every corner of Illinois. High school and college students
preparing to enter the job market; working moms and dads in between jobs or
underemployed; seniors on fixed incomes forced to take a part-time job just to
make ends meet – all of these people and many others like them need us to put
their needs front and center in Springfield.

This week, we introduced a comprehensive legislative package
to help jumpstart Illinois’ economy and create jobs.

It all starts with stopping the Democrats’ tax increase
proposals. In the past week alone, Democrats have proposed three different tax
increases.  Unfortunately, none of them
do anything to help the nearly 570,000 individuals collecting unemployment in
Illinois to find the jobs they want and need.  
What the Democrats fail to understand is that we cannot tax our way into
prosperity.  To solve the state’s long
term financial problems, we need to grow our economy.

We also need to establish primary causation for workers’
compensation claims in order to lower costs and make Illinois’ competitive with
neighboring states.  Illinois continues
to be an outlier in this area. If we can reign in our workers’ compensation
costs with common sense changes that ensure workers are provided for while
simultaneously bringing costs in line with neighboring states – everyone will
benefit.  More people will be put to work
when we align the law to reflect what most people agree on – workers’
compensation should be for injuries occurring on the job.

Other provisions of our Jobs Plan include: 

— Making the research and development tax credit

— Authorizing the creation of 50 new Enterprise
Zones to target investment and job creation where it’s needed most

— Reducing the cost of setting up an LLC in Illinois
from the current $750 to $39

— Expanding the reach of science, technology,
engineering, and math education opportunities in Illinois by creating STEM
academies within the confines of local schools

Job creators in Illinois already face so much uncertainty –
from how much they’ll pay in taxes to what will their costs be from year to
year. We can help increase confidence in Illinois which will lead to greater investment
and more jobs. Illinois’ unemployment rate of 8.7% is tied for second worst in
the nation.  By reprioritizing our
efforts, we can help employers and entrepreneurs to thrive and grow and return
Illinois to being a place where companies will want to come and stay.

In addition, the creation of a Networking for Success program would provide assistance to small
and mid-sized employers wanting to grow. We propose that the state partner with
non-profit business consultation firms to provide small private sector
businesses with access to specialized skills like website design and search
engine optimization; social media marketing; and strategic marketing research
needed to take their business to the next level and create jobs.

Taken together, the House and Senate Republican Jobs Plan would
maximize Illinois’ greatest resource; the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit
of its people. It’s time our state’s economic policies reflected that spirit
and re-opened the floodgates to opportunity and growth just waiting to be
unleashed across Illinois – if only we put our priorities back in the right


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