The Online Records Washington Voters Can Turn To

Date: October 26, 2018

Small-business owners rely on NFIB’s tallies to help educate their communities

OLYMPIA, Wash., Oct. 17, 2018—A printed version of NFIB’s voting records of state legislators is due to arrive in member mailboxes any day now, but for anyone wanting to know right now, an online version on how state lawmakers made their decisions on 11 issues of vital importance to small-business owners is available.

At the voting record link, how the Washington delegation in Congress voted on key federal issues can also be read.

The Power of the Small Business Vote is one of the mightier electoral forces in America and in Washington state. NFIB’s voting records are the primary resources many small-business owners not only use to make their decision but also to educate their employees, their family members, and their communities with.

“In a two-year session marked with several bills harmful to small business, 30 legislators stood out for their perfect or near-perfect support of our state’s leading job creators, earning the title Guardian of Small Business for the 65th Washington State Legislature (2017-18),” said Patrick Connor, NFIB’s Washington state director. The 30 Guardian winners were:


  • Sen. Keith Wagoner, 100 percent
  • Sen. Jan Angel, 90 percent
  • Sen. Barbara Bailey, 90 percent
  • Sen. Brad Hawkins, 90 percent
  • Sen. Mike Padden, 90 percent


  • Rep. Vincent Buys, 100 percent
  • Rep. Cary Condotta, 100 percent
  • Rep. Richard DeBolt, 100 percent
  • Rep. Mary Dye, 100 percent
  • Rep. Mark Hargrove, 100 percent
  • Rep. Jeff Holy, 100 percent
  • Rep. Bob McCaslin, 100 percent
  • Rep. Terry Nealey, 100 percent
  • Rep. Ed Orcutt, 100 percent
  • Rep. Liz Pike, 100 percent
  • Rep. Joe Schmick, 100 percent
  • Rep. Matt Shea, 100 percent
  • Rep. David Taylor, 100 percent
  • Rep. Mike Volz, 100 percent
  • Rep. Andrew Barkis, 90 percent
  • Rep. Bruce Chandler, 90 percent
  • Rep. Dan Griffey, 90 percent
  • Rep. Bill Jenkin, 90 percent
  • Rep. Norm Johnson, 90 percent
  • Rep. Brad Klippert, 90 percent
  • Rep. Joel Kretz, 90 percent
  • Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber, 90 percent
  • Rep. Mike Steele, 90 percent
  • Rep. Brandon Vick, 90 percent
  • Rep. Jesse Young, 90 percent

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