Small Business Endorses Jeff Weill for Court of Appeals

Date: October 24, 2018

The NFIB Mississippi PAC has endorsed Circuit Judge Jeff Weill for a seat on the 4th District Court of Appeals. The political action committee is comprised of NFIB members in Mississippi.

“Judge Weill has demonstrated he is committed to only interpreting Mississippi law, not legislating from the bench,” NFIB State Director Ron Aldridge said.

“He provides a clear distinction among the three candidates for the concerns of small business job creators,” Aldridge said. “Judge Jeff Weill would be the only judge on the Court of Appeals with a record of experience and fairness as a Circuit Judge and he also brings prior service as a state court prosecutor.”

“The 10 individuals who serve on our state Court of Appeals and the nine serving on our state Supreme Court can influence the future of business and Mississippi’s economic climate greater than many other elected state officials,” Aldridge said. “Our hope is to elect judges with no agenda other than being fair and impartial to everyone.”

“This election matters because the trial lawyers are trying to tip the scales of justice and elect a state court that will chip away and eventually strike down the fair and balanced tort reform laws we fought so hard to pass and which restored predictability to the justice system for all Mississippians,” Aldridge said. “This election is a chance to help make sure they will not turn back the clock.”

“Lest we forget that prior to those laws, every Mississippi small business was fearful of being one lawsuit away from bankruptcy or being used as a costly pawn for the wholesale manufacturing of lawsuits against big international companies,” Aldridge said.

“Our state is no longer a dumping ground for these legal proceedings which clogged up our court dockets and slowed down justice for our own residents,” he said. “Doctors were leaving the state or quitting their practice, thereby forcing hospitals to shut down emergency rooms due to lack of doctors and forcing many to drive two hours to a find a doctor to deliver a baby.”

Today’s endorsement puts the considerable grassroots support of the state’s small businesses behind Weill’s campaign. Small-business owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for recruiting friends, family members and acquaintances to vote. NFIB will encourage its Mississippi members to help turn out the powerful small-business voting bloc on Election Day.

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