4th District Court of Appeals Race Crucial to Mississippi’s Small Businesses

Date: November 26, 2018

On Nov. 27, 2018, you have the opportunity in District 4 to elect one of the 10 state Court of Appeals judges who can impact the future of your business and our state’s economic climate with just one judicial decision. You know the importance one judge can make, just as we’ve seen on the U.S. Supreme Court. Here’s why it’s especially important this year in Mississippi

Circuit Judge Jeff Weill Sr., who has the endorsement of Gov. Phil Bryant, has demonstrated a solid record as a circuit judge for the past 11 years that he is committed to only interpreting state law, not legislating from the bench. He would also be the only judge on the Court of Appeals with an experience as a circuit judge making sure criminals were properly dealt with, and he also brings prior service as a state court prosecutor.

What’s at stake?

There’s an attempt by the same group of trial lawyers that we defeated at the state Capitol to tip the scales of justice and elect a state court that will chip away and eventually strike down the fair and balanced tort reform laws we fought so hard to pass and which restored predictability to the justice system for all Mississippians. That’s what they’ve done in several other states when the business and medical community became complacent.

This election is a chance for you to help make sure they won’t turn back the clock in Mississippi.

Prior to those tort reform laws, we fought for in your behalf, every Mississippi small business was fearful of being one lawsuit away from bankruptcy or being used as a costly pawn for the wholesale manufacturing of lawsuits against big international companies.

Our state is no longer a dumping ground for these legal proceedings which clogged up our court dockets and slowed down justice for our own residents. Doctors were leaving the state or quitting their practice, thereby forcing hospitals to shut down emergency rooms throughout Mississippi due to lack of doctors and forcing many to drive two hours to a find a doctor to deliver a baby.

Please don’t let them do it here in Mississippi! They’re closer to doing it than you might think. If the trial lawyer-supported candidate wins this seat over Judge Weill, we’ll likely begin seeing a further chipping away at the tort reform we labored so hard to get to protect your business liability.

NFIB’s goal is to continue electing judges with no agenda other than being fair and impartial to all. Judge Weill has proven he’ll rule according to the law and merits of the case, and not make laws from the bench. One judge can make a difference, and so can you!

Help elect Jeff Weill Sr. to maintain predictability and impartiality in our judicial system and to protect your business.

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