Saltsman to NFIB/Indiana: Minimum Wage Hike Would Hurt Indiana Economy

Date: March 01, 2016 Last Edit: March 03, 2016

Why the state and national push for a minimum wage hike, along with mandated scheduling policies? The Employee Insitute says it’s an attempt by the unions to be relevant again.

Saltsman to NFIB/Indiana: Minimum Wage Hike Would Hurt Indiana Economy

As Indiana’s General Assembly races toward a March adjournment, a minimum wage hike for the state’s small business owners seems dead in the water, after a bill that would have hiked the figure to $11.25 was not heard in committee.

But according to Michael Saltsman, Research Director of the Employment Policy Institute, the fight may not be over yet. State lawmakers will likely be pressured in the coming years to hike the wage—not to mention a move to expand mandated paid leave and scheduling policies.

“Unions view these policies as a way to demonstrate that they are still relevant to a new generation,” Saltsman told NFIB/Indiana members who attended Small Business Day at the Capitol.

Saltsman said a November 2015 EPI survey of U.S. economists showed three-quarters report that a $15 minimum wage hike is a bad idea.

“Fifteen dollars was never the goal,” Saltsman said. “It’s a bargaining position: $15 makes $12 seem reasonable.”

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