Florida Member Shares NFIB's Passion and Fight for Small Business

Date: September 26, 2018

After making a “$2 million mistake”, Kim Deas, owner of Murphy Business & Financial Services in Jacksonville, Florida, decided to help other small business owners understand the value of their work.

“I got to a point where I developed a really large company, a multi-million dollar business, and I got burnt out,” said Deas. “I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have an exit plan, and I ended up giving the company away… So today my passion is to help other business owners have an action plan in place, making sure they know how to get out of their business and know what their business is worth.”

Murphy Business & Financial Services is a business brokerage franchise firm which provides business owners with consulting on the sale and purchase of their companies.

Deas says a challenge for her business is there are so few business brokers across the nation – she estimates between 3 to 4,000. One of the biggest problems for her and others in her industry is their lack of representation when it comes to policies that affect the small businesses they work with.

“My industry, we don’t have a lot of voice and the challenge we have is that a lot of the business owners I work with, they’re in the same boat…NFIB is that voice; they are that group that supports the small business owners and fight for us,” says Deas.

In Florida, a sales tax is put on business owners’ commercial leases. Deas explains, “so if you own your own building, and you pay yourself rent, you have to pay sales tax on top of it. It’s ridiculous and burdensome.”

Deas, along with NFIB, worked with Gov. Rick Scott to fight for a repeal of that tax. They were able to secure a roll back for the coming year which Deas acknowledged as small victory for business owners in her state.

About her company and its relationship to NFIB she says, “We’re here to serve the small business community just like NFIB which is why NFIB is so close to my heart. We both have the same passion. We’re here to help small business owners survive, thrive, and eventually be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.”

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