Your Action Is Needed! - Numerous Small Business-Related Bills being Considered

Date: February 18, 2014

Mandatory Paid Sick Leave, Fracking, Estate Tax, Rain Tax, Regulations and More are Being Considered - Take Action Today!

Monday, March 17 was “Crossover Day,”
meaning Maryland lawmakers had to pass bills in at least one chamber by March 17 for them
to have a chance of making it to the governor’s desk this session. Bills can be
introduced after the crossover but lawmakers have to vote to suspend the
rule. If a bill was not considered in either chamber before crossover, it is unlikely to pass.

Minimum Wage HikeOPPOSE: To read more about this bill click here. To email your legislators click here. Or call the Senate
Finance Committee at (410) 841-3677

Fracking / Natural Gas Delay – OPPOSE:To read more about this legislation click here. Us NFIB’s easy email tool to contact your legislator or call the
committees and urge them to support natural gas by opposing SB 745/HB 1122

  • Senate
    Finance: (410)
  • House
    Economic Matters: (410) 841-3519

Rain Tax – SUPPORT Repeal: In 2012 a stormwater management and watershed
protection and restoration
law imposed a tax on the amount of rainfall on
impervious surface in certain Maryland
counties. This tax has proven to be a significant burden for many small
businesses. Contact the committees and urge repeal of the rain tax:

  • Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs:
    (410) 841-3661
  • House Environmental Matters: (410) 841-3990

Electronic Filing of Personal Property Tax Returns – SUPPORT: SB 693/HB 434 – Passed the House 110 – 26 and moved the Senate Budged and Taxation Committee. Personal Property Tax Returns – Electronic Filing would allow an
electronic filing and payment option, in addition to the current process,
streamlining the filing process for business owners and their tax preparers. Call the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee members and urge them to support online
filing option for property tax returns

  • Senate
    Budget & Taxation: (410) 841-3690

QuarterlyEffective Date of Regulations – SUPPORT: SB 449/HB 166 would establish a quarterly implementation schedule for new non-emergency
regulations. The legislation was introduced by Delegates Sam
and Minority Leader Nic
, and Senator Ron
. Currently, new regulations go into effect year-round with an average
of six regulatory changes made daily.
According to the Maryland Register state
agencies made 2,391 non-emergency regulatory changes in 2013, up from the 1,954
changes made in 2012.
NFIB supports this legislation because it will make the roll out of new
regulations more predictable, enhance small businesses’ ability to comply, and
reduce the regulatory stress businesses endure trying to stay compliant.
Monday, March 17 the Maryland House of Delegates unanimously
passed HB 166. The Senate approved SB 449 the week before. There is only
a slight difference between the bills (HB 166
One of the versions will be approved by
the opposite chamber by the time the legislature adjourns on April 7 in order
for the measure to become law.

Take Action Now – click here
to email your legislators and urge them to continue to support HB 166/SB 449
and approve one of these bills before they adjourn

Mandatory Paid Sick Leave – This bill is unlikely to pass due to the fact that is wasn’t considered before or during crossover. OPPOSE: SB 753/HB 968Maryland Earned Sick and Safe Leave Act
 would require employers with more
than nine employees to provide
one hour for every 30 hours worked of paid sick and safe leave, up to 56 hours of paid leave per calendar
year, and the ability to carry the balance of no more than 56 hours of paid
leave to the following calendar year. HB 527 is the
same bill but applies to all employers.
Call the committees today and urge them to oppose mandatory
sick leave legislation

  • Senate
    Finance: (410) 841-3677
  • House
    Economic Matters: (410) 841-3519
Estate Tax – This bill is unlikely to pass due to the fact that is wasn’t considered before or during crossover – SUPPORT Repeal: There are numerous bills
proposed to repeal or lessen the burden of the estate and inheritance taxes.
Committees in both the House and Senate have held hearings and are waiting to
deliberate. Call the committees and urge support
for repeal or lessen the burden of the estate tax

  • Senate
    Budget & Taxation: (410) 841-3690
  • House
    Ways and Means: (410) 841-3469

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