How Much Did Big Labor Spend on a $15 Minimum Wage in Michigan?

Date: May 03, 2016 Last Edit: May 04, 2016

Nationwide, Big Labor dropped $70 million since 2012—much of that in Michigan.

How Much Did Big Labor Spend on a $15 Minimum Wage in Michigan?

Labor spent more than $5 million advocating for a $15 minimum wage in Michigan
since 2012, according to a new report.

to the Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group Center for Union Facts, SEIU have
spent a total of $5,199,992 since 2012 lobbying for a $15 minimum wage in
Michigan. Nationwide, they spent $20 million in 2015 alone, $1,675,157 of which
was spent in Michigan.

the union has spent at least $70 million nationwide since 2012. The data is
based on financial disclosures with the Department of Labor.

the SEIU has made some headway in its push for a job-killing $15 minimum wage,
working Americans appear to be sending a clear message to SEIU big spenders:
‘Find a way to create jobs rather than diminishing them,” said CUF
Executive Director Richard Berman. “The $15 campaign may generate some
legislative wins, but even former SEIU boss Andy Stern has acknowledged that
this big-spending strategy isn’t sustainable.”

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