NFIB/CT to Malloy: Explain your New Thinking on Minimum Wage

Date: February 04, 2014

Hartford (February 4, 2014) – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) asked Governor
Malloy today to explain why his reasoning on the minimum wage seems to have dramatically
changed since last year
when he worried openly that a big
jump could damage the state’s economy

like to know what’s changed,” said NFIB
State Director Andrew Markowski

“Last year the Governor warned that a higher minimum wage could damage
small business.  Now he’s calling for a 22
percent increase over the previous level. 
It’s very confusing.”

today announced that he would modify the increase that passed last year.  That measure was supposed to raise the rate
from $8.25 to $9 over a couple of years. 
He wants that to be increased to $10.10 per hour to match the proposal
that President Barack Obama called for in his State of the Union Address.

economy certainly hasn’t improved so sharply in the last six months that a big
increase can be rationalized,” said Markowski. 
“What the Governor is proposing now would be a very big increase over the next
few years.  Our economy is growing at a
fraction of that pace.  His original
concerns should have intensified. 
Instead they seem to have disappeared and we’d like to know why.”  

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