NFIB Announces Opposition to State Minimum Wage Hikes

Date: March 15, 2016


National Federation of Independent Business/California
Contact: Shawn Lewis (916) 342-9315;

NFIB Announces
Opposition to State Minimum Wage Hikes

SACRAMENTO, Calif., March
15, 2016 –
At their semi-annual statewide Leadership Council meeting last week,
NFIB/CA formally moved to oppose two pending ballot initiatives filed by SEIU
and SEIU-UHW which would raise the state minimum wage to $15 per hour. 

businesses in California face increased costs and burdens in the form of
mandates and regulations every single day,” said NFIB/CA State Executive Director Tom Scott. “Small business owners
are still adjusting to the 11% minimum wage increase just this year—now is not
the time to pile on another minimum wage hike.”

Tom Scott added, “Let’s be clear: the impacts
of a minimum wage hike extend beyond private small businesses. Non-profits,
retirees, and governmental entities are directly impacted as their budgets do
not have natural mechanisms to raise revenues. This is in part why Governor
Brown agrees: we, both small businesses and California public agencies, cannot
afford another state minimum wage hike at this time.”

Last year,
Governor Brown’s Department of Finance estimated a state increase to just
$13.00 per hour would increase costs to various state agencies by at least $4.7
billion over three years—in addition to fiscal impacts on individuals and
businesses. Governor Brown also
commented, “Raise the minimum wage too much and you put a lot of poor people
out of work…There won’t be a lot of jobs. It’s a matter of balance.”

99.2% of businesses in California are small business, many of
which would not be able to continue operating at their current level with a $15
state minimum wage
. Seattle is already seeing significant job loss and stagnation
following their $15 minimum wage hike, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics. Representing the largest number of small businesses in California,
NFIB opposes any state initiative raising the minimum wage.


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