Ducey Accomplishments Getting National Attention

Date: December 22, 2015 Last Edit: January 07, 2016

From balancing the state’s budget without raising taxes to saving it from a crippling lawsuit he had no obligation to involve himself in, from issuing moratoriums on new regulations to ordering a government hiring freeze, from preventing a potential public transportation catastrophe during the Super Bowl to shutting down feather-bedded offices, Gov. Doug Ducey’s considerable successes in only his first year in office are catching the attention of national media.
The above quote comes from a recent story on him by Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard, who also wrote, “In October, he pulled off a totally unanticipated compromise on education spending. It was a big thing, and Ducey not only got credit, he deserved every bit of it.” And, during his time as state treasurer, “Careful, studious, and attentive to detail, Ducey got the most out of that down-ticket office. He learned what assets the state has (especially its land holdings) and what obligations. He was Arizona’s chief banker and investor. His mastery of the job gave him the knowledge and experience to run for governor.”
The last sentence perfectly describes that so very valuable quality that enabled him to take the lead on heading off potentially the most crippling lawsuit Arizona had ever faced, over education funding.
The Weekly Standard article is only half the story,” said NFIB/Arizona State Director Farrell Quinlan, “the governor’s many other accomplishments astound, considering his short time in office. I encourage all our members to read his annual report. We are so proud to have endorsed Doug Ducey for governor, and we look forward to many more years of being a partner to his successes for small business.” 
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