Legislative Session Ticking Down

Date: April 12, 2014

Felony Threshold
Senate Bill 64, the omnibus crime bill, passed out of the House Judiciary Committee with the felony threshold at $750. Its first hearing in the House Finance Committee is this weekend. NFIB will be closely watching to assure that the threshold is not raised above $750. Again, thanks goes to the many NFIB/Alaska members who have reached their members to tell them not to go above $750.
Business Licenses
House Bill 32 is scheduled to be heard in Senate Finance Committee this weekend. If passed, it would reduce the number of business licenses the state requires.
House Bill 140, requiring recognition of the cost of regulations to private businesses, will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee April 14. NFIB continues to support this bill, because it will require regulators to recognize what their ideas cost the private sector.
Workers’ Compensation
House Bill 141, limiting payments to out-of-state workers’ compensation providers, is on its way to the Senate floor. This fee bill is directed at saving premium dollars from going to providers who are jacking up their rates to patients from Alaska.
Balanced Federal Budget
House Bill 284, calling for a convention of the states to address a balanced federal budget amendment, passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and is on its way to the Senate Floor. This is a Key Vote for NFIB and that message is in the bill packet that will be given to all senators.
Minimum Wage
House Bill 384, raising the minimum wage is on the House Floor. It is identical to the initiative that qualified for the ballot. If the Legislature passes such a bill, the initiative comes off the ballot. In the year going forward, the Legislature is very reluctant to amend or modify anything that passes a vote of the people. The polling shows almost a 70-percent voter support for the initiative, and every other state where it has been on the ballot, it has passed. NFIB continues to oppose any increase in the minimum wage, but will not take a position on this bill, because the issue is not whether it is increased, but how.
Stolen Property
Senate Bill 110, by Sen. Fred Dyson, further assists individuals in recovering stolen property from law enforcement, passed the House and is on its way to the Gov. Sean Parnell. NFIB has sent a request to the governor to sign this legislation.
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We are encouraged that Alaska is considering authorizing a convention of the states, which it has the power under Article V of the U.S. Constitution to require a balanced federal budget.

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