Drive Safely Campaign Offers Employers Strategies to Stay Safe on the Roads

Date: October 09, 2015

We all know that it’s important to exercise safety on the job, and that’s especially true on the road. Auto accidents can be life threatening—not to mention costly, even with insurance. As such, companies of all sizes—and their employees—should think about driver safety to minimize the risk of an accident. Employers can take a few simple steps to help ensure that employees operate vehicles safely:

•    Institute policies regulating cell phone use or other distractions while employees are driving during work time (e.g., “Employees must use a hands-free device to place or accept calls while driving, and are strictly prohibited from texting while behind the wheel.”);
•    Ensure that employees are properly licensed;
•    Maintain adequate insurance coverage for accidents to cover the risk of property damage or other liabilities that may result from an accident; and
•    Regularly check driving records for employees who operate motor vehicles as part of their regular work duties.

For more tips to keep your employees safe on the roads, visit the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, Drive Safely Work Week – a national campaign designed to help employers emphasize the importance of driving safely both on and off the job to reduce preventable crashes.

What:  Download the 2015 Drive Safely Work Week tool kit as part of the 2015 campaign. The 2015 tool kit will help businesses draft an employee mobile device policy and raise employee awareness of the risks associated with distracted driving.

Why:  Encouraging safe employee driving is crucial for employers. Employee traffic crashes, both on and off the job, cost employers an estimated $60 billion annually. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates employee crashes cost employers $24,500 per crash, $150,000 per injury and $3.6 million per fatality.

Where:  The tool kit can be downloaded for FREE.

Small-business owners across the country can demonstrate their commitment to protecting the health and well-being of its most valuable assets–their employees and their families. Take a few minutes to learn more by visiting

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