2021 Small Business Challenges in the Nevada Legislature

Date: March 29, 2020

Winning back a promised tax cut, protecting independent contractor top two priorities

Fighting to Protect Your Tax Cut

NFIB has joined the lawsuit over passage of the bill that revoked the promised payroll tax cut. The 2019 legislature passed SB551 that revoked a planned reduction in the Modified Business Tax (MBT) because revenue from that tax and the commerce tax both came in significantly higher than projected in 2018. Under the law passed in 2015, those taxes can grow by up to 4% a year, but if they exceed that, the Department of Taxation must lower the MBT. The MBT was scheduled to go from 1.475% to 1.378% on July 1, 2019, but the legislature passed SB551 that revoked that reduction. Since the bill passed by a simple majority, and not the required two-thirds vote that a tax increase requires, NFIB has joined the Senate Republicans in suing the Governor and the Democrat leadership over passage of the bill.

Protecting the Right to be Self-Employed

Across Nevada, thousands of independent contractors are working hard to provide for their families and contribute to our economy. They are hair stylists, computer techs, software engineers, cab drivers, truckers, and even emergency room physicians. Yet every year, we see bills at the legislature that strive to narrowly define “independent contractor.” We will continue to protect the rights of independent contractors and the businesses that hire them.  



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