Require Hospital Pricing Fairness and Transparency

Date: December 08, 2015 Last Edit: March 15, 2016

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With the high cost of health
care and the requirements that everyone have coverage under the Affordable Care
Act (Obamacare), it is time for hospitals to be more accountable and
transparent for the prices they charge for procedures and services. Although
most hospitals in Michigan keep a uniform schedule of charges as their gross
billed charge for a given service or item, they are reluctant to make this
information available to the public. In addition, medical facilities around the
state are billing patients for charges that bear little to no relation to the
actual cost of the health service provided but are instead based on what kind
of coverage is possessed by the patient. NFIB is supporting legislation that
would require Michigan hospitals and other medical care providers to charge
comparable rates regardless of a patient’s type of coverage or whether or not
they have coverage.

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