Brazen Labor Board Back with Pro-Union Agenda

Date: April 15, 2014

Three years ago, NFIB helped stop the National Labor
Relations Board ambush election rule – winning a decision that protected small
business from union elections being held at a breakneck pace.

But now the NLRB, labor’s official cheerleader, is back and the
administration is set on using the Board to reward Big Labor at the expense of
small business. 

In a brazen disregard of the courts, the NLRB is again
pursuing ambush elections that could drastically reduce the time employers are
allowed to defend themselves against a pre-planned and well-orchestrated union organizing

By law, employers are currently given 37.5 days to prepare
for a union ballot onslaught. This resurrected proposal would chop the time
from election petition to election vote to as little as 10 days. It would be a
double win for unions, allowing them to spoon feed their messages to your
employees without you even knowing that an election petition had been filed
while simultaneously depriving your workforce of the ability to make informed
decisions since your free speech would be restricted.

And to add insult to injury, the board’s edict would also slash
your time to prepare objections to the petition.

Such deplorable behavior by the NLRB has, unfortunately,
become standard operating procedure. But NFIB is standing firm – arguing last
week before the NLRB on behalf of your business.

We will fight this effort just as we challenged the
constitutionality of President Obama’s back-door appointments and just as we
defeated NLRB’s “Poster Rule” requiring private-sector employers to display
union propaganda.

And don’t forget the NLRB’s “card check” campaign or its
ruling to create micro-unions in an attempt to accommodate unionization among
small pockets of employees even if the majority of workers oppose joining a
union. These unrelenting assaults should serve as a stark reminder of the
dangers your small business faces from this administration.

But the voice of small business will not be silenced as long
as your unwavering support allows NFIB to stand firm. Whether in the hallowed
halls of the Supreme Court or the rough-and-tumble committee hearings on
Capitol Hill, we will be there to defend you and millions of other
entrepreneurs from an ever-expanding bureaucracy that views small business as a
cash cow to finance its anti-business agenda.

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Dan Danner, NFIB President and CEO

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