Ballot Proposals Would Take Michigan Back to the Dark Ages

Date: August 14, 2015

A Message from your State Director

There can be no doubt that Michigan’s turn around from the dark
days of the Granholm years has been nothing short of miraculous. This is not
only due to the magnitude of the policy changes but also because of the
swiftness of their implementation under Governor Snyder and a Republican led

Unfortunately, dark clouds are on the horizon as a
collection of labor unions, “progressive” liberal groups and community
organizers are collecting petition signatures to put proposals on the ballot
that they are unable to pass through the legislature. Thus far (more may be on
the way) there are two that should cause concern for small business owners in

The first would almost double the corporate income tax rate
from six percent to eleven percent. This petition drive is being led by labor
unions in the road construction industry because they claim that the extra
revenue would go to roads, thereby shamelessly lining their own pockets at the
expense of job providers and citizens. You can read more about that proposal

The second ballot proposal attempt would amend Michigan’s constitution
to create state-wide mandated paid sick leave for any employer with 10 or more employees.
NFIB has continuously frustrated the attempts of labor union front groups and
activists as they have tried to force this policy on small business. We have
stopped them at the federal and state level and even cut them off from trying
to do it city by city with the recent passage of Public Act 105. Now they are
going the petition route to put it before statewide voters in November of 2016.

Both of these efforts are being pushed by the same groups
that drove Michigan’s economy into the ground during the last recession. It
seems they are nostalgic for high unemployment, high taxes and people leaving
the state for better opportunity. What can you do? Tell your friends and
neighbors the truth about these issues and ask them not to sign petitions
making false promises of “fair” taxes and benefits; and please, continue to
support NFIB with your membership as we work to derail these efforts.

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