Advocacy Academy: Video Training Series for Small Business Owners

Date: August 20, 2020

If you’ve ever wondered how to effectively tell your small business story to influence a legislative issue that would impact your business, NFIB’s latest Advocacy Academy video series can help. A new Advocacy Academy was launched this week to advance NFIB’s annual Washington, D.C. Fly-In advocacy meetings, and the short 8-part series offers clear instruction on how to engage and meaningfully impact legislators before they vote.

Watch our 8 short step-by-step advocacy training videos here

  1. Taking Action: The power of personalizing your emails to legislators.
  2. Meeting with Legislators: 4 insider tips to prepare for a successful meeting.
  3. NFIB Engage Mobile App: Advocacy at your fingertips and an invaluable tool for any business owner.
  4. The Art of Storytelling: A map to help you craft your story on an issue that impacts your business, to educate, inform, and influence.
  5. Speak to the Media: How to use the media to educate others about small business.
  6. The Power of Engagement: Building relationships with legislators. 
  7. NFIB Member Testimonials: Hear directly from fellow business owners on why it’s important to get involved.
  8. NFIB Advocacy Center 101: An overview of more training opportunities, a deeper dive into all of these topics, and more.

Learn more and see live NFIB 2020 Virtual Fly-In session replays here. 

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