Answers To Your NFIB Elections Endorsement Questions

Date: October 15, 2020

An overview of the small business owners’ candidate endorsement process.

Each election, NFIB’s Political Action Committees endorse candidates at the state and federal level, based exclusively on a candidate’s positions and record on small business issues, regardless of party affiliation.

Why do NFIB’s PACs endorse candidates?

NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect the right of our members to own, operate, and grow their businesses. The public policies, laws, and rules that help small businesses thrive, start with electing pro-small business candidates at the state and federal level.

How does the endorsement process work?

NFIB staff monitors candidates and campaigns across the U.S. with the goal of supporting those who will be the best advocates for NFIB’s members’ right to own, operate, and grow their businesses. The staff makes endorsement recommendations to a committee of NFIB members who review and approve the endorsements.

All congressional and gubernatorial endorsements are governed by NFIB’s Fed PAC Committee, a federal-level political action committee comprised of NFIB members who serve on the NFIB national board of directors. The PAC Committee meets regularly to review candidate-support recommendations.

The transparent endorsement process is governed by three priorities:

  • Protecting incumbents who are proven allies of small business
  • Electing pro-small business candidates in open seats
  • Challenging anti-small business incumbents

What else is included in the endorsement process?

NFIB staff conducts thorough research on candidates, campaigns, and the political environment to determine where NFIB can use its resources in the most effective and efficient way to support candidates who stand up for small businesses.

In deciding to support an incumbent or back a challenger, the PAC Committee reviews each candidate’s small business voting record as well as their legislative relationship with NFIB.

NFIB staff interviews candidates and requires candidates to fill out a questionnaire. For open seats, NFIB surveys all members in the state or district to ask if NFIB should be involved in the race and which candidate the NFIB members recommend supporting.

Where can I see which candidates NFIB has endorsed?

Click here to view the list of 2020 NFIB-endorsed candidates.

In the build-up to Election Day 2020, NFIB members also have exclusive access to an easy guide to the pro-small business candidates in each state. Click here to download your state’s 2020 Voter Guide (NFIB member login required).


The work of NFIB’s PACs is made possible by financial contributions from America’s small business owners, not NFIB member dues. The NFIB Fed PAC is America’s most effective small business political action committee and strives to deliver a unified voice for small business in Washington, DC and all 50 states, supporting federal candidates who stand with NFIB’s members on small business issues.

Contributions to NFIB’s Fed PAC:

  • Support pro-small business candidates running for federal office
  • Drive grassroots advocacy connecting businesses of every size and industry
  • Produce voter education materials promoting candidates who support small business issues
  • Develop and distribute media campaigns spreading the small business message via broadcast, online and social networking channels

NFIB also operates distinct PACs in many states, to help elect pro-small business candidates at the state level. To learn more about NFIB’s PAC in your state or endorsed candidates in your state, please visit NFIB in My State.

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