Trump’s Popularity and 2 Other Key Findings of New Small Biz Survey

Date: October 09, 2015

Trump or Hillary? Minimum wage increases: good or bad? A new poll delves into the minds of small business buyers and sellers.

Which presidential candidate tops the list for those in the market to buy or sell a small business? Are they feeling optimistic … or pessimistic?

Here are the key findings of the new BuyBizSell Business Buyer-Seller Confidence Index:

1. Trump’s on top.

Survey results show that 42 percent of sellers and 34 percent of buyers chose Donald Trump as the candidate most likely to improve the small business environment—especially when it comes to policies on taxes and the economy. 

Hillary Clinton came in second with both groups, at 13 percent and 16 percent respectively.

Bernie Sanders rounded out the top three for buyers and sellers (10 percent and 8 percent), while the remaining Republication candidates all polled at less than 6 percent. 

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2. Most don’t want to raise the minimum wage.

Minimum wage has been a pivotal political issue for small business owners. Sixty-four percent said they’re against a higher minimum wage, compared to 36 percent in favor. Those who oppose an increase in minimum wage stated that it would decrease their business value and hurt their ability to successfully sell their business.

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3. Sellers are optimistic; buyers are not.

A majority of owners (58 percent) believe they can receive more money for their businesses than they could last year. And more than 90 percent think they’ll be able to achieve the same or higher sale price next year.

On the other hand, only 31 percent of buyers believe they were better off purchasing a business last year than they are this year.

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