Gov. Northam Moves Ahead with Environmental Partnerships

Date: October 02, 2018

At the federal level, the Trump administration has continued its rollback of environmental regulations, including the recent announcement that the Affordable Clean Energy Plan (ACEP) for coal power plants would replace President Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). Under CPP, the goal was to lower carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent by 2030; ACEP is projected to reduce emissions from coal power plans by 2 percent or less by 2035.

In Virginia, however, Gov. Northam is forging his own plan. The state will be joining regional and international partnerships—including the Transportation and Climate Initiative of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification—to reduce carbon emissions, limit methane gas leakage, and tackle changing ocean chemistry.

NFIB and other business groups opposed the CPP because of the forecasted cost increases for small businesses, but so far it is unclear whether there will be new environmental regulations in Virginia that will impact small employers.


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